Empowering students with the tools they need to
live a life full of opportunity and excellence.

For parents who want their student to be successful in life.    

Schools are focused on providing education which will undoubtedly help students gain a higher IQ but what about putting together a career plan, prepping for college or teaching the rest of the skills needed to excel in today’s world?

That’s where SAFE Steps comes in!

We know that IQ + EQ + a PLAN = Outstanding Results

SAFE Program

Your student achieving an outstanding personal & professional life!

The SAFE program is a library of tools and resources which help students discover what they might love as a career choice in life, figure out the best education goals to make that happen (whether it's college or not) and achieve it in the most cost-effective way possible.

STEPS Program

Your student becoming the hero, not the zero in life!

The STEPS Program is a mobile friendly course, accessible 24/7 that teaches the essential life skills & helps students move beyond the world of selfies, one-word answers, & 144 characters in order to prosper in the real world.

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