SAFE Program


Highly effective people begin with the end in mind. At the SAFE Steps™ we are passionate about helping each student discover their own individual passions and values on what matters most and connecting them to a career that fulfills their aspirations and dreams.


The SAFE Steps™ system utilizes online tools designed to give each student access to current information and resources they need to successfully navigate their journey to college and beyond. Our process helps identify career positions where personal fulfillment is attained and our integrated calendar keeps families on track so they don’t miss any important steps.

The SAFE Program helps students discover what they might love as a career choice in life, figure out the best education goals to make that happen (whether it's college or not), and helps the family achieve it in the most cost-effective way possible.
Join over 1,400+ families who have used the SAFE Steps™ to achieve:
  • Average annual college savings of $23,711

  • 91% graduation rate in < 4.5 years

  • 95% of clients ZERO debt


Align abilities and passions into a purpose, setting a vision for the future.

Know the schools where you are highly valued and offer the most support.

Grab your share of the $60 billion that is available, but left untouched annually.

With "Steps to College" you will have a predictable outcome of success.
The SAFE Steps™ system utilizes online tools to give each student:
  • Access to information & resources to successfully navigate their journey to college & beyond

  • Help to identify career positions where personal fulfillment is attained 
  • Integrated calendar keeps families on track so they don’t miss any important steps

SAFE Steps™ helps parents save time and money while positioning their student as the most desired candidate for college and career opportunities
Since 2010 SAFE Steps™ has proven to help parents save time and money through unique educational curriculum and proprietary e-learning tools. We assist families how to position their student as the most desired candidate for college and career opportunities while showing parents how to receive the most financial aid available to them. By using our proven formula parents and students learn how Selection, Acceptance, Funding and Execution work together to form a simple, yet necessary strategy on how to find the right college, at the right price in order to transition into their ideal career.

I would absolutely recommend the SAFE Steps to other friends ... it just makes everything so much easier. Especially in the stress of trying to figure out what you want to study and where you want to go for college. It just makes everything way less stressful. 

Daniela Garcia (SAFE Steps Student)

With the SAFE Steps program, we have the opportunity as parents, and our kids have the opportunity to learn more about themselves, what is out there as far as colleges, and what the world is expecting.

Lynn Willett (Mom of SAFE Steps Student)

For those kids who say, "I don't know what I want to do and where do I start," this would really help a lot. Or parents for that matter because we didn't really know where to start.

Lynn & John (Parents of SAFE Steps Student)

The formula our children needed in order to be good citizens. Thankful this program was endorsed at our HS

Mark A. – (San Diego, CA)

Information was clear, easy to understand and on point. The best 15 minute investment of time my children make every week.

Lynn M. – (San Diego, CA)

The SAFE Program offers access to the following tools and resources:


Directions / Focus 2

The Directions/Focus 2 software tool will help students to identify their desires and strengths so that they can determine what career paths make the most sense for them to pursue.


College Acceptance Profile

CAP - The College Acceptance Profile software tool is designed to help students select a college based on their individual preferences which include career path, geographical preferences, and costs.


SAT/ACT Diagnostics

The SAT/ACT Diagnostics software program will help students to identify which test is a better match to their test taking skills and knowledge to give them the best opportunity of obtaining the highest scores.



Not all schools are equal, making the best decision is critical to the happiness of the student, tagging eliminates making mistakes in the final decision.



Not sure where to start and in need of some guidance? SAFE Steps offers group coaching sessions twice a month which will guide you through the process in a group setting.



Looking for some one on one guidance that can point you in the right direction based on your situation? SAFE Steps offers private coaching in 10 one hour blocks.